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Hi Darlings   So, for the last two years I usually get my nails done monthly, it’s like my monthly reward to myself. I usually spend 1-1,5 hours just relaxing and just trying to refocus my mind. After doing your nails religiously month after month, there was something missing in my nail result, i couldn’t put my finger on it. I recently got invited to Tammy Tailor to try out their product and “WOW” it blew my mind, the service was just an added bonus. The experience is that of what a queen feels like when she is being pampered. From the warm welcome of the front desk, to the personalized table message, the complimentary drinks, massages and my favorite the Turkish delight, there is strawberry lindt if you not a Turkish delight fan! The main attraction is the big variety in colors in both arclyic & gel. The Tammy…

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