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A guy that surrounds himself with assets and not liabilities. Ryan Seerpath (BIP BOI) is an accountant as well as an aspiring musician. So he clearly keeps things BALANCED. . . A fun and cool guy who is family orientated; which adds up seeming as though he is in the accounting department; so everybody counts. He is also a man of business which makes him smart. That shows that he’s career driven and reeks of ambition and purpose. A real winner! I asked Ryan ask some questions for you to get to know him better, go check it out! #1 Where did you grow up?   KZN – Durban – Phoenix                              #2 What is your musical background? No musical background   #3 Have you performed around SA? Just around Durban events and nightclubs   #4 Musically, what are your biggest influences and who are your favorite musicians? J Cole and…

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