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Lets start with the packaging! The sexy deep black bottle with the gold compliments scream lavish already! Black Diamond Premium Noir for Her, is exactly that what it is, its a women that lives life on edge but still loves the glitters . That shimmering notes that just make you feel like you have conquered the day & you ready to take the night. There is a magnificent  combination of raspberry, litchi, apple & that mingle of floral rose, jasmine, freesia with that everlasting hint of vanilla. Black Diamond Premium Noir for Him, lets get into this rich smelling scent with green mint, ivy, rosemary & lavender just until that luxurious Russian leather & woody notes leave him smelling filled with success of that trendsetting cosmopolitan alpha male. I would without a doubt say that for the price this is very affordable in the times we are living it. The…

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As you all know, I have a crazy passion (some call it an obsession) for beautiful shoes. Whether it be simple and chic or bold and daring, I am always willing to try them out. There is just something about shoes that drives me nuts 🙂 in a good way.  My passion & love started when i was 16, it helped me deal with my imperfections as a teenager. I felt like i could take over the world with a great pair of shoes! Well, I still feel like that when dressing up. The beautiful thing about shoes, is that you can wear the same outfit paired with a different shoe and it will feel like you are wearing something brand new. One of my BIGGEST secrets is that when I look for an outfit, I always purchase my shoes first, its way more easier pairing the perfect killer outfit if…

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I have been looking for a product that can satisfy my eyelash needs for top & bottom lashes. The full focus lash duo mascara from Mii Cosmetics does exactly that. This product is double ended, one end creates drama in the length and fullness of my lashes, while the other end defines my lashes without any lumps or bumps. This leaves my lashes looking naturally thicker and longer. What more could a girl ask for? When in doubt, wing it out After trying out the creamy eye liner from Mii Cosmetics, I’ve found that the creamy texture of the liner allows me to glide swiftly along my eyelid when applying the liner. Using a pencil liner is easier to use and it is also more efficient than a liquid liner, I find that the pencil also lasts quite long. Regards XoXo Mrs BigBite  

Hi Darlings   So, for the last two years I usually get my nails done monthly, it’s like my monthly reward to myself. I usually spend 1-1,5 hours just relaxing and just trying to refocus my mind. After doing your nails religiously month after month, there was something missing in my nail result, i couldn’t put my finger on it. I recently got invited to Tammy Tailor to try out their product and “WOW” it blew my mind, the service was just an added bonus. The experience is that of what a queen feels like when she is being pampered. From the warm welcome of the front desk, to the personalized table message, the complimentary drinks, massages and my favorite the Turkish delight, there is strawberry lindt if you not a Turkish delight fan! The main attraction is the big variety in colors in both arclyic & gel. The Tammy…

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We can all agree – nothing is more satisfying than scoring an amazing lipstick or mascara at half the price. I have tons of makeup, from budget friendly to your high-end brands but about 3years ago I stumbled across an amazing drug store brand LA Girl. These products have just progressed better and better. I really can’t tell you how much I love this brand, well my pic speaks for itself. You can find LA Girl at any dischem. You have to try out any of these amazing products. Regards Misha XoXo

Do you like to flash a bit of skin and still keep it chic, then you must be the “off the shoulder” type of lady! The off shoulder top is currently IN; it’s become a wardrobe staple. If you haven’t made this part of your collect yet no problem, hit the shop button and don’t stress Mrs Big Bite got you covered. For enquiries – whatsapp 0823192632 or email- info@mrsbigbite.co.za XoXo Misha Daniel