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Making deals in HEELS!!!

As you all know, I have a crazy passion (some call it an obsession) for beautiful shoes. Whether it be simple and chic or bold and daring, I am always willing to try them out. There is just something about shoes that drives me nuts 🙂 in a good way.  My passion & love started when i was 16, it helped me deal with my imperfections as a teenager. I felt like i ...

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Tammy Taylor Meyersdal

Hi Darlings   So, for the last two years I usually get my nails done monthly, it’s like my monthly reward to myself. I usually spend 1-1,5 hours just relaxing and just trying to refocus my mind. After doing your nails religiously month after month, there was something missing in my nail result, i couldn’t put my finger on it. I recently got invited to ...

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Silicone Blender Review

SMAK Cosmetics – Silicone Blender Pssst pssst! Hey beautiful, I’m sure you here to ask about my secret to my flawless makeup… Well here is the secret “SMAK SILI BLENDER” You may have wondered what exactly a silicone makeup sponge is. It is a small rounded sponge made from clear silicone material. This material is great for applying makeup because it moves about ...

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