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Mrs Big Bite x Kefilwe Mabote

Meet Kefilwe Mabote, she is one of South Africa’s most recognised influencers and is currently Cosmopolitians first influencer covergirl. She’s a stylist, fashion and beauty blogger, a luxury traveller and my dear friend. Also known as, Kefi Boo, she has a real passion for fashion and the lifestyle that goes ties in with it! She answered a few questions for me, ...

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A guy that surrounds himself with assets and not liabilities. Ryan Seerpath (BIP BOI) is an accountant as well as an aspiring musician. So he clearly keeps things BALANCED. . . A fun and cool guy who is family orientated; which adds up seeming as though he is in the accounting department; so everybody counts. He is also a man of business which makes him smart. ...

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Mrs Big Bite X Adrenalin

Hey guys, I would like to introduce you to Adrenalin also known as Justin, I stumbled across his facebook page and I was impressed by the versatility of his work, also that he is Indian and he raps. It started out as a joke & ended up being something he genuinely loves. His lyrics express his goofy, swag & serious personality making it relatable. He has ...

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