Have you been dreaming about a business opportunity, that leadership role or do you have a fire burning inside of you to change the world? Well wake up and do the damn thing!

Well, I started this motto last year, I found myself constantly dreaming, dreaming about fashion, dreaming about running a business and often found myself sharing this with my husband. As we laid in bed and spoke about my ambitions and dreams, he looked at me and said “if you don’t wake up and work for it, no one is going to do it for you and it will just remain just a DREAM”. My bubble burst and my world collided, like someone had just stepped on my heart, but after a few days I realized the what I thought to be rude was the truth and I needed to hear it. If I wake up and try, time will just pass by and soon it will be a feel of regret.

If you have something that’s burning inside you today, whether it be a crazy thought, a futuristic concept take the risk… You could very well be the next person who changed the world, just take the first step the rest come naturally.

Misha Daniel