Mrs Big Bite x Kefilwe Mabote

Mrs Big Bite x Kefilwe Mabote

Meet Kefilwe Mabote, she is one of South Africa’s most recognised influencers and is currently Cosmopolitians first influencer covergirl. She’s a stylist, fashion and beauty blogger, a luxury traveller and my dear friend.

Also known as, Kefi Boo, she has a real passion for fashion and the lifestyle that goes ties in with it! She answered a few questions for me, for you to get to know her better…

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#1. How many countries have you had the pleasure of visiting?

Too many! I’ve lost count already! Ha-ha

#2. Thus far, what’s your favorite place/ country you’ve traveled?

Definitely Milan! The fashion, architecture and lifestyle are everything!

#3. Top 3 places that one should visit?

Milan, Paris and Dubai

#4. What’s your top travel tip?

Always travel wearing comfortable clothing, especially when you’re going to have a long flight! Effortlessly chic!

#5. You were invited to Milan’s Fashion Week, how was that experience?

It was an experience of a lifetime! I enjoyed every bit of it, being able to witness the talent of the world’s top designers was a real dream come true.

#6. What are your top 3 favorite fashion items?

  • I would have to say my favourite pair of heels.
  • My shades
  • My favourite pair of skinny jeans.

#7. How would you describe your style?

My style is simple, yet classy.

#8. If there was anything you could tell your younger self, what would it be?

“You are destined for greatness!”

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