Mrs Big Bite X Adrenalin

Mrs Big Bite X Adrenalin

Hey guys, I would like to introduce you to Adrenalin also known as Justin, I stumbled across his facebook page and I was impressed by the versatility of his work, also that he is Indian and he raps. It started out as a joke & ended up being something he genuinely loves. His lyrics express his goofy, swag & serious personality making it relatable.

He has been on SA’s got talent, he opened up for Ricky Rick in Sasolburg stadium. All I can say his the next wave! He answered a few questions for me, for you to get to know him better…

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#1 Where did you grow up?

I grew up in a little township not far from Lenasia called Mixin Manor, as a youth however I spent most of my formative primary years in Lenasia South & then finally the bulk of my adolescence in town called Alberton.

#2 What is your musical background?

My love for music can be traced back to when I was about 5, I was in awe of Michael Jackson, my parents even bought me the leather jacket and I use to be called to dance for guests haha. However, I’ve been an artist since 2005. It actually started as a joke to see what would happen if and Indian tried to rap. Since then it just escalated, and I fell in love with the art form, constantly working to get better. I use to be a raw rap battle emcee & then evolved with time and the direction of the music industry. My list of accolades since incl. appearing on SA’s got talent, a 5FM Interview, YFM appearances, an article in the POST newspaper and a few online blogs.

#3 Have you performed around SA or is it just YouTUbe Videos?

First performance ever was a school talent show, then a few minor gigs around my city & finally a massive opportunity to open for open for Ricky Rick in Sasolburg stadium. 

#4 Musically, what are your biggest influences and who are your favorite musicians?

My favourite musicians are Eminem & Drake, I love what they done for the music industry & the level of accomplishment they’ve reached in their respective Era’s. My biggest influences however boil down to 2 things, the first thing being what’s going on in my life at that moment & the second is drawing inspiration from my team. Our photographer Ibby, DJ Sliq Malomes & producer/artist Kay-Bee M.G.O.T.T all play a essential part in keeping me motivated and pushing to do better.

#5 What do you think of the current hip hop scene in?

The gap for the next generation has now become evident, Cassper & AKA have now solidified themselves as legends, but people are waiting for the next wave of superstar and era of music. I think this is the perfect opportunity for artists hungry enough to push themselves to the top. A great example is Nasty C.

#6 How would you describe your own style

I don’t particularly have a style, but I guess I would equate it to water. I love music so much that I try to fuse an element of myself into every sort of genre and try it at least once. I don’t want to be confined but rather able to adapt my sound as an artist to any sort of song.

#7 Who do you collaborate with?

My best friend & long-time producer & artist Kay-Bee & I do a lot of work together, but my collaborations go beyond music as I work with photographers, graphic designers, DJ’s & other artists in my category like B.I.P trying to achieve the same goal 

#8 In what ways has your newest music changed from when you first started?

I now have a greater sense of music, in the sense that everyone can sing along & relate as opposed to when I first started, and the music was primarily for me and not the listener. I’ve also become much more articulate in the delivery of my lines as well as I think I speak about women way more now too haha.

#9 What are the main inspirations for the lyrics you write?

Love, Heartbreak, S#x & Aspirations. 

#10 What would be your dream venue in which to perform?

Would love to do the Dome & Madison Square Garden

#11 What is your stage name & why that stage name?

Adrenalin, I chose it because it’s the source to every bit of excitement or exhilaration that anyone experiences. That moment where you feel like your heart is pounding out of your chest & all your senses are heightened because of the rush. That’s the feeling I want to evoke in my listeners.


#12 What is the craziet thing you have ever done as a person?

Skinny Dipping, funniest experience of my life. Great memory though.


#13 What is your favourite thing to do, for fun.

PS4 FIFA, Actual Football, Running, Bounce & last but not least EATING haha.


#14 Where do you see yourself in the future

Being one of the biggest celebrities & role models in our country.


#15 If there is one thing you could tell your younger self what would it be?

 Believe in your dream no matter what anyone else tells you.



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