The shorter the hair – The harder they stare

The shorter the hair – The harder they stare

As you all know I decided to cut my hair this year, and you know what they say “when a woman cuts her hair, she is about to change her life”. Yes, indeed my life has changed! I have always had long dark hair, which I loved, but I realized that I needed something different.

I have had a lot of changes take place in my life, from my fashion sense to my career and family life. I have always been very daring and bold when it comes to dressing up, and I finally got the courage to do the same with my hair.

With each strand being cut off, it was as if I am letting go of a different part of my life, good and bad. I realised that I am venturing into a new life, with new objectives. I look like a completely different person, it gave me a sense of confidence, I feel fresh, different, and bold, just like my personality.

Maintaining my hair is extremely easy now, with the right quality products of course! I love that I can create many different hairstyles with the length and the colour just gives me life! Its vibrant and edgy, I can’t get enough of it. Don’t be afraid to take that risk ladies!

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