Avroy Shlain Black Diamond Review

Avroy Shlain Black Diamond Review
Lets start with the packaging!
The sexy deep black bottle with the gold compliments scream lavish already!
Black Diamond Premium Noir for Her, is exactly that what it is, its a women that lives life on edge but still loves the glitters . That shimmering notes that just make you feel like you have conquered the day & you ready to take the night. There is a magnificent  combination of raspberry, litchi, apple & that mingle of floral rose, jasmine, freesia with that everlasting hint of vanilla.
Black Diamond Premium Noir for Him, lets get into this rich smelling scent with green mint, ivy, rosemary & lavender just until that luxurious Russian leather & woody notes leave him smelling filled with success of that trendsetting cosmopolitan alpha male.
I would without a doubt say that for the price this is very affordable in the times we are living it.
The Standard Price for Her: R529 Eau de Parfum 50ml
Price for Her: R499 Eau de Parfum 50ml + Black Diamond Noir Watch FREE
Price for Him: R459nEau de Toilette 100ml + Black Diamond Premium Noir Toiletry Bag
You can get this on www.avroyshlainonline.co.za

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Hi there, absolutely love this site. its so modern and on point with everything trendy fresh and new. As a fashion forward Alpha male.. .heheheheh, i take pleasure in reading your reviews, and it definitely excites me and makes me want to try out the products.

Thank you for this little piece of fashion heaven that i found on the internet…. Mrs Big Bite.

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