Making deals in HEELS!!!

Making deals in HEELS!!!

As you all know, I have a crazy passion (some call it an obsession) for beautiful shoes. Whether it be simple and chic or bold and daring, I am always willing to try them out. There is just something about shoes that drives me nuts 🙂 in a good way.  My passion & love started when i was 16, it helped me deal with my imperfections as a teenager.

I felt like i could take over the world with a great pair of shoes! Well, I still feel like that when dressing up. The beautiful thing about shoes, is that you can wear the same outfit paired with a different shoe and it will feel like you are wearing something brand new.

One of my BIGGEST secrets is that when I look for an outfit, I always purchase my shoes first, its way more easier pairing the perfect killer outfit if you have a shoe already. I’ve listed some tips below when purchasing a shoes…

Misha’s tips to buying a pair of heels:

  1. Detail, detail, detail! This is what makes the shoe unique.
  2. Metallic madness, anything with a little rose gold or silver can elevate your entire look.
  3. Sleek and simple : Do not underestimate the power of simplicity, a simple shoe turns an outfit into that classy !

Anyone who knows me, knows that I can’t say no to a pair of SEXY gladiator heels… Whats you favorite type of shoe?

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