Ditch the dentist

Ditch the dentist

With being a businesswoman and a mom, I hardly have any time to make a dentist appointment and go for regular teeth whitening check- ups.

I am a big fan of products that are convenient and beneficial to my schedule. ICE White Teeth Whitening saved me so much time and the coolest part is that I can get it done in the comfort of my own home, I finally found a product that is time efficient and effective for my teeth! The best part is that it is literally 5 easy steps & I have whitening pen that fits into my handbag.


Step 1: Try a dry run first to get a feel for it

Step 2: Dip the retainer in boiling water

Step 3: Mould the retainer to your upper teeth & lower teeth

Step 4: Measure tooth shade with provided tooth shade guide and apply the whitening gel.

Step 5: Apply the LED teeth whitening accelerator light.

*Avoid having food or beverages within the 30 minutes of removing the trays

After using it, I’ve seen a significant change in my teeth colour since I’ve used ICE White Teeth whitening. This kit is amazing and convenient you can now also have a celebrity bright white smile.

White teeth are the ultimate accessory. I don’t care what anyone says, nothing looks healthier than a pearly white smile. No glamorous foundation, Dior lipstick or Botox can make such an improvement to one’s appearance. A bright smile makes you appear confident, young and healthy and even makes your skin look brighter. It can also avert the eye from any so-called ‘imperfections’ that may bother you such as a ‘large nose’ or ‘skinny lips’. This exciting product is brand new and is creating a real buzz with beauty experts.

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