Silicone Blender Review

Silicone Blender Review

SMAK Cosmetics – Silicone Blender

Pssst pssst! Hey beautiful, I’m sure you here to ask about my secret to my flawless makeup…

Well here is the secret “SMAK SILI BLENDER”

You may have wondered what exactly a silicone makeup sponge is. It is a small rounded sponge made from clear silicone material. This material is great for applying makeup because it moves about the skin easily, and applies makeup with little waste.

When using this applicator, don’t grab your usual amount of foundation, it will be too much and a lot more difficult to blend. You’ll be sitting there judging your vanity like, “ugh this is too much foundation!” It shouldn’t end up being very mask like! After the second try I managed to  master it 🙂

It works wonders at getting into the inner eye corners to apply concealer, and was easy to control.

The perks of using one of these sponges:

  • The sponges are very soft, and the rounded edges are great for tough to reach spots.
  • Wastes less product, it’s easier to clean up,and you get an airbrush-like finish.
  • Unlike other sponges they don’t attract bacteria.
  • It can also be used to conceal, blush & buffing.

If you are interest in this product please go to

Enjoy Blending


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